Case studies

The nature of companies that we work with varies enormously.
The following examples will give you an idea of the work we do :

FDPA : Fonderies du Poitou Aluminium (Poitou Aluminium Smelters)
By Saving! assisted the Receiver and was charged with managing the company’s operations. The assignment lasted eight months and ended when FDPA found anther sector shareholder despite its liquidation having been discussed: 400 of the 453 jobs were saved.

Tanneries Du Puy
Through one of its employees, By Saving! was named Chairman of the Management Board after the company filed for bankruptcy. Our By Saving! team assisted the Receiver and initiated the company’s turnaround. The assignment lasted 12 months. The company was bought out as part of its asset disposal plan by a large French industrialist. All the jobs were saved.

By Saving! took over as Chairman of the Board at this established company which is well known in its market. Substantial intervention was required to save this aging company, whose unfortunate acquisition threatened to result in it being placed into receivership. After two years of work, the company was stabilised and sold to another industrial company in the sector.

Cancer Clinic
By Saving! worked in this clinic which was confronted with a period of difficulty and demotivated practitioners. The By Saving! team turned the situation around in 12 months and enabled the shareholder to take up the normal running of the company again.

Publishing House
In the red for several years, this publishing house saw its shareholder’s financial support called into question. By Saving! was called on to identify paths to regain profitability and implement the new organisation.

A few more

  • Ceric – Paris | 950 employees – industrial equipment manufacturing – 6 sites in France
  • Sirc – Troyes | 250 employees – European leader in book binding and covers
  • Rencast – Lyon | 830 employees – automotive subcontractor: 7 production sites in France
  • Duralex – Orléans | 250 employees – glass manufacturer
  • Nexia – Boulogne Billancourt | 2,100 employees – refrigerated transport
  • CF Gomma – Rennes | 3,500 employees – automotive subcontractor